Active partnership for exceptional growth

The cornerstone of our business is to forge strong long-term alliances with founders, management teams and co-investors to drive strategic and operational excellence, and ultimately to create tangible value for all our stakeholders.Our ability to inject our own capital into the businesses, our active board participation and regular and deep engagement with management teams, our ability to find opportunity driven acquisitions and to facilitate value-adding interactions between our portfolio companies are testament to our ongoing commitment to drive value.

Trusted and diverse counsel

Our core tenet of partnership means that we work hand in hand with our portfolio companies to assist them in reaching the next stage of their growth path. We do this by using our wealth of business experience and the skills set we each have gained from sitting on the boards of numerous privately held companies and local and international business forums and from analysing hundreds of companies over the years.

Our leadership team has been together since the inception of the company, and along with guidance from our non-executive directors, each leading industry figures in their own right, we can be trusted to provide the necessary leadership and insight to help our portfolio companies adapt to new economic environments, enter new markets and find creative solutions to meet the needs of their evolving businesses.

Far reaching networks

We have a far reaching business network which is leveraged for the benefit of our portfolio companies and possess strong relationships with industry influencers across diverse sectors in South Africa and into Africa. As a team, we have also been fortunate enough to have worked on multi-disciplinary projects to provide both counsel and advice to government stakeholders on diverse projects ranging from policy to mergers and acquisitions.